Anti-psychiatry is something good that we all need. This is because I am a survivor of an sad accident where I had to stitch my face after passing out and landing on my face. This happened the day after getting one injection of psychiatric “medication” (I have an earlier post about this named “Oppression through psychiatry). I have read about a person called Thomas Szasz and one of his texts called “Idleness and Lawlessness in the Therapeutic State”. It is a very inspiring text to become more productive in society. However the most important thing is that there is a good critique of the psychiatric system that can take away liberty from people and torture them with so called psychiatric medications. That can lead to sad incidents like in my case. Now there is a weird part in the end of the text though. It is this: “Foreign aid increases the power and prestige
of the political authorities who receive and administer
it and impoverishes the people it is supposed to help.”. It is a statement that does not need to be true according to me because it all depends on the authorities if they spend the aid well or not. It is clear though that Thomas Szasz have criticized the psychiatric system and in a way described that because they get money they keep oppressing people. It is a good critique overall, this text, but only that part about foreign aid always being bad. Is a part that I felt did not sound like an universal truth. I hope that the psychiatric system in Sweden can be changed so that no one is forced medications that hurt them and can even lead to consequences like a deformed mouth.

Thomas Szasz text (Idleness and Lawlessness in the Therapeutic State) about mental-health that I have read: (Downloaded 2020-06-09)

Thomas Stephen Szasz website (1920-04-15 – 2012-09-08):

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