World peace for every human

How do you make world peace for every human? I think that you need to first know who is the one who is against world peace. Then you can stop this person. If there are more, stop them also. Easy said, I guess. If someone is against world peace like Adolf Hitler and in Sweden there is all this Nazi-politics in a way. I can hear them injuring my body. They damage my body. Its soundwaves and its enough to damage my body. Who would have thought that soundwaves are enough to hurt a human being? Now it is clear. How do you defend a human against aggressors? Why does it feel that the swedes are pretending that they have too few cops? In Sweden there were people who behaved in an orderly manner. They had food. They had plans for the future. They just did not want to make known the Christian heritage so much that the country would have much more peace. I on the other hand, today. I know that people should like the Christian heritage. Therein there is a system for world peace actually.

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