Conservative Europe

In western European countries especially, you can see that europeans are sharing european soil with non-europeans. It is not conservative to finance their migration to Europe or to finance their stay here. Europe should stay conservative and not so very immigration-friendly as parts of Europe are. The world is getting all the more full of people. Just because some individuals outside Europe like to have many kids, does it mean they should take over Europe? No, they should not.

Edit 2020-07-22 17:29: I think I am an Pan-Christian actually. So therefore I must add that actually I think that a conservative Europe is a Europe where the Catholic church is made strong in numbers no matter where the Catholics come from. When it comes to other Christians they can migrate to Europe too if they want to. So, Europe as a base for Christians who should get more and more in numbers. No matter what their migration history is. If they are from outside Europe they must be Catholics or Orthodox Christians though (to migrate to Europe). Just because this politics would not work out so well if someone joins a little protestant church and migrates to Europe and thinks that is something conservative for Europe in the long term. Especially now with the 20th century migration-history to western Europe, we need some old Christian faith in Europe with all the incense and stuff (Catholic/Orthodox), instead of some very new Lutheran church revival.

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