Poland was attacked by Soviet-Russia

During World War 2 Poland was attacked by communist-Russia the 17 september 1939. This lead to the fact that in the communist-Russian controlled areas the communist-Russians deported Jozef Nowik and his family to Sibera. Stalin was the leader of communist-Russia at that time. There Jozef Nowik was in a inhumane Gulag camp. It was around year 1940 that he was deported or maybe the year 1940. The communist-russians made the Katyn-massacre. Later the polish general Anders created an army which Jozef Nowik joined. Even today Russia is an dictatorship like Nazi-Germany was also. There may be a risk for war because dictatorships are known for bad things and politics. Poland is in NATO which is a military and political union to do so that there will not be a new war. Jozef Nowik was my grandfather. General Anders was a patriot and he fought for Poland during World War 2 and after the war thought that polish education is important. General Wladyslaw Anders had a daughter and her name is Anna Maria Anders. She is in state politics for remembering polish fighting and martyrdom and the ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Italy and to San Marino and a patriot. This post was inspired by my polish upbringing and one of the polish movies about Anna Maria Anders on YouTube.

We polish people fought against Nazi-Germany including my grandfather Jozef Nowik and the Nazi-German concentration camps were not polish but Nazi-German. It is good to remember it correctly.

General Anders is in this World War 2 era movie:
Anna Maria Anders movies on YouTube:

Wikipedia article about World War II:

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