Catholic nocturnal emissions and a big problem

So I as a catholic wanted to be a good catholic and go to holy communion every sunday atleast. However is it God who stopped this or is it nature, I do not know. I did not masturbate at all, then after some years of very successfull getting rid of my masturbation habit. I got pain in my balls. It was so much that I shouted. I was even to Aarhus because they freeze sperm there so that you can have a family life if you get castrated, by the Catholic church or any other person. I do not know if the Catholic church was trying to castrate me willingly or if it is God. But I do not want to be castrated.
The globe is big and now I’ll try to get friends whatever country they are from and only if they can agree to be kind and christian-like to me.

4 thoughts on “Catholic nocturnal emissions and a big problem

  1. J

    Hej Michael! Detta menar jag med all välvilja. Du skriver om väldigt privata saker här på din blogg som du kanske skulle diskutera med någon som står dig nära eller en själasörjare istället för att lägga ut det publikt.

    Allt gott!

    I Kristus,

      1. J

        Nej Michael! Jag menar bara att du för din egen skull inte borde lägga ut så privat information om dig själv på nätet där alla kan läsa det!

        1. Michael Nowik Post author

          John Paul II fixed the Catechism of the Catholic Church and in it is written that masturbation is wrong and forbidden for good catholics. So it is good to get text information about different stuff also about sexuality. We cant have lots of catholics castrating themselves when they want a family life.


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