A gangstalking problem described


So when I am gangstalked its like I cant relax and sleep easy because a gangstalker is keeping me alert all the time. How can you relax when an mans voice is commenting your every step almost, or atleast it feels almost so. Maybe a timespan. So 9 hours atleast with gangstalking comments and minus when I was not at home (over 1 hour outside). Gangstalking is not nice and I just want to explain how it is for me. I have drunk some coffes today which may keep me more alert also. However its not just the coffe, the gangstalking made me listen to hard rock for example because I did not want to be feminine when I am verbally assaulted by a stranger who is a man also. I also thought about the economic side of it. I know that famous communist like the politican Miller in Poland are rich. Some have villas.

Is it possible that its the polish far left who is financing this gangstalking just to make me look crazy or to try to diminish my potential?

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