1939-1945, murders of Polish, Russians and gypsies

During World War II lots of Polish persons, Russians and Gypsies were killed by Nazi-Germany. Many died in the Auschwitz concentration camp (now located in Poland near the historical city “Kraków”).

I have a nice picture of myself from 2018-12-23 when I was 27 years old. I am polish and a bit russian and armenian and I am 100% sure I have been tortured by evil polish speaking racists between 2019 january to 2022 january (3 years). For example shouting during nights so I could not sleep.

If you want to know about something about the jews, then I can inform you that they were also murdered by Nazis during World War 2 but it is weird to us that the people behind the Holocaust advertising are so silent about Poles, Russians and gypsies that were killed by the Nazi germans.

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