New CS 1.6 map (beta): de_willa_b1


Here is a new defusal map (beta) for Counter-Strike 1.6. I started mapping this map in June 2019 because I wanted to become an architect (as my grandfathers father Filemon Lewicki was). The dimensions in this map are very realistic and I have made even the bricks the real size when you look at them outside. I would be happy if I could have a villa like this.
Willa b1 – Bomb/Defuse
by Shadowk102 (

Counter-Terrorists: Prevent Terrorists
from bombing the villa.
Team members must defuse any bombs
that threaten targeted areas.

Terrorists: The Terrorist carrying the
C4 must destroy one of the 2 bomb sites.

Other Notes: There are 2 places to bomb
in the mission.

Link to pictures and a download link:

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