Food as a pleasure

Why do so many people want to eat food as a pleasure when it often leads to bad health, ugliness and an earlier death?

Cookies for example are so unhealthy with processed ingredients and I often go around and think that all those unhealthy foods in the food stores are like food-drugs that stupid people want to buy to feel pleasure while eating while they are damaging their bodies.

I also have said that people can be like pigs. Some people want to try everything in a shopping mall probably and just can’t remember that they are humans that can easily be harmed by these businesses that get profits on unhealthy foods. When it comes to the human body I’ve earlier come to the conclusion that it is a very fragile creation/being and I don’t understand why some people just want to go ahead and behave as if they did not understand the fragility of the human body and instead are like pigs who want to consume bad products.

I’ve even thought that all unhealthy foods should be outlawed and also cigarettes and alcohol (consumption alcohol) like drugs are now and also psychiatric drugs should be. Even chocolate is so fat and is it really worth having it legal when the paleo diet is so healthy and the chocolate doesn’t fit this diet according to me? I don’t think so.

There is also anger probably by people in the world who want to stay healthy and good-looking against these people who support these malevolent product businesses that are pushing unhealthy consumption. I have even created a conspiracy theory that the people in charge of the areas that I’ve been in (northern Europe) want to attack us with these unhealthy products and thats why there are so very many of them in the stores and they are 100% legal.

I hope that I can have a good character the rest of my life and understand that while there is a conflict in Ukraine now there is also a conflict in many countries in Europe where evil business people want to profit from our demise.

Link to a site where it is written that cookies are unhealthy: What Makes Cookies Unhealthy? –

2 thoughts on “Food as a pleasure

  1. Adam Smith

    Companies are run for profit. That’s the whole purpose of a modern company. If that means selling unhealthy sodas or cookies then so it is. Modern capitalism doesn’t care about morality. If it hurts you selling a product, or damages the environment it doesn’t matter. Money “Mammon” is the only goal of modern companies.

    Before 1700-1800s all universities had Moral Philosophy & Economics together. Even Adam Smith the founder of Classic economics and Capitalism learnt how important morality is. I don’t remember what economic school of thought removed morality after the 17-1800s from economics but it certainly happened by some thinkers from during that period.

    I end with a question: If a fat stupid man sells cookies because he enjoys them, and is not aware of the dangers refined carbohydrates and sugar causing insulin shocks and all other negatives. Is the fat stupid man guilty for doing this even if he is not aware of the damage he is causing?

    The same question can be asked to the companies who make chocolate and sweets. Maybe they think people eat their products in small amounts with moderation, and therefore it’s not morally wrong to sell it for profit?

    1. Michael Nowik Post author

      When it comes to your first question then in a scenario like that, then it is so that the fat stupid man is doing temptation for hedonistic eating to enrich himself. Ofcourse he is guilty but often in modern western societies it is completely legal even though the country weakens when the citizens weaken.

      Companies who make chocolates and sweets do know what they are doing, they are doing a tradition of Christian nations for example but a more profit minded leader of a nation could outlaw many foods like chocolates and sweets for example to strengthen the nation.


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