Cancel culture

Cancel culture

I have been banned from (cancel culture) in 2019 because I criticized Nvidias advertising for the person Alan Turing who was an homosexual. I criticized their advertising because A. Turing was an homosexual and everyone should be heterosexual actually.

I have got a warning from Facebook (now they call themselves Meta probably) and I think that my post was removed, because I criticized the leftist politics in Sweden where I wrote something like that they were like parasites that want to kill their host (many people know about Islams big expansion, approved by leftist politicians, into Sweden in the 20th century). This post and the removal of it and the warning happened probably in between the year 2019 and the year 2021. It is possible that I wrote the “Socialdemokraterna” party name in this post also, I dont remember exactly now, though.

I have got this post deleted from Mozilla discourse discussions in 2021 because of their evil plans against my anti-communism struggle (also cancel culture):
___________________________ Copied information in 2021-11-04 ______________________________
Support for the communist China for free is bad

Good day

I have read on Wikipedia that Mozilla supported KaiOS which is made by a Chinese communist company for profit most probably. This was a move to spread the Firefox browser which is free to people like the Chinese communists. If there is absolutely no economic incentive for transmitting software to communists at Mozilla, then I want that Mozilla will not support communists (they have killed many innocent people in for example the inhuman Gulag system, where my grandfather Jozef Nowik was sent during Stalin’s reign) with software for free.

Maybe however you do get some revenue from spreading the Firefox browser and that would actually mean that the KaiOS collaboration would mean that it is similar to an capitalistic USA business relation with red China, maybe a bit similar to the one the computer company Microsoft has. In that case it is an okay business plan.

Now it is important to discuss whether the relation between Mozilla and communist China is for Mozilla organizations financial profit or not so that no free support to communists happen because communism is an evil political system that has killed over 100 million people without good reasons for doing so (see the link 5 below, for more information about that).

Links that I have checked/created:


Edit 2021-11-04 12:55 (the time in Poland): Politics is always present in human action even though some people seem to want to hide that fact. Politics is also what Mozilla and Mozilla community does even if they maybe don’t try to use typical political expressions. The actions of Mozilla should be against the communist ideology because it is inherently evil.


I think that around 17:49 (polish time) the post above was finally removed by an Mozilla organization moderator or someone with a maybe similar position at Mozilla.

All this censorship against my anti leftist politic posting is proof that there are many leftist in the world who censor the Internet to silence right politics. That is bad behaviour. Catholic right politics are actually good for the whole world.

/Michael Nowik, 2021-11-04

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