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Remove communism from China now!

A video about the fact that communism is very bad and now strong effort must be made to remove communism from the region of communist China!

Chinese communism must end now. Because they want to take over new areas and communism is very bad. They made nuke threats against Japan. See the video for information and do help to remove communism from the region of communist China.

China is dangerous

China is dangerous because they are engineering obsessed as part of their power hungry ambition. They have lots of high speed trains in their country now. Why do we in Europe still have legal cigarettes and alcohol and casinos? These things/places are a total waste of time, money and health. I just thought of some of the pretty idiotic things we have in Europe that are hindering engineering progress here in Europe. There are more idiotic stuff like psychiatric diagnoses for healthy and sane people who after being diagnosed are repressed by toxic psychiatric drugs. There is so much we can do in Europe to make the region more powerful. What is needed are strong and sane leaders who can take away all the idiotic things in European society (I mentioned some of them earlier in this text).

Link to CNN article about Chinas power hungry quest:


Anti communism based in Poland is good. Carl Marx had a bad character and when it comes to communism it is not good to think it is good. Some people, for example creators, are most probably trying to conceal mass killings by communists!

Link to polish patriotic and also anti-communist organization:

Edit 2021-11-29: Warning. It seems that IPN (Instytut Pamieci Narodowej) is doing history revision. They learn that Poland existed in Warsaw in 1947 in a way that I think is very unlikely.

Moscow based genocide against us

There was a Moscow based genocide against a big part of the polish population in around the year 1940. In the area of Baranowoczie/Dziadkowicze of Poland. My grandfathers father, with the surname Nowik was thrown out from a trainwagon somewhere in Russia. Most probably he died as many others did in the slave labor Gulag system. The train was heading for a Gulag camp in Siberia.

Some names of the leading Moscow power hungry organization include: FSB, NKVD and KGB for example. It is changing names over the decades (around 1940 to 2021).

Polish cursed soldiers

Today we as a polish nation remember the polish cursed soldiers. They were strong against communism which was good. They had to sacrifice an easier life probably but they did it. Communism was not fought by USA and Britain shortly after WW2 by means of war, which it could have been. Some people, if I remember correctly, wanted this (my grandfather was a polish WW2 soldier in Germany when the war ended). However, these two nations had an agenda, which was to just leave vast areas to the communists in Eastern europe without doing strong anti-communist strategies. This was the years after WW2. The polish soldiers could not be in the victory parades in Britain after WW2, for decades, because it was a way to remove them from influence. The areas of Poland were taken by communists. A delay in the strong fight against communism was made by Britain and USA. I sometimes think what people see in this socialist/communist ideology. Why they, on Wikipedia, hide away mass murders of over 100 million people by the communists. The information is in the bottom of the “Communism” page. As a side note or something, not as a big part of what communism was about. Actually communism was so bad and it was about strong war against people they called enemies to gain power, influence and wealth. The socialist/communist ideology is in theory, much like garbage actually. I have read parts of it. The character of Marx was bad. He was not fighting for ideals like eternal life in heaven with Jesus Christ. He was just an anti-religious man with a bad character and bad private economy. How could a person like that imply he knew what needs to be done in world economics? I hope people will just leave socialism/communism and learn much about Christianity instead. Its good to know about Christianity because it may offer a way to eternal life in a good place.

Link to information on Wikipedia: