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I will be the leader of this world

Hi, I will be the leader of this world. Just so you know. Good night.

Apple’s, Nvidia’s & Microsoft’s bad gay politics


The companies Apple, Nvidia and Microsoft have all supported homosexual politics which is bad. I am boycotting some and the extent of an anti homosexual boycott is important to think about.

By boycotting and criticizing homosexual propaganda we conservatives can win so that homosexuality is forbidden and not legal and hated everywhere where there are humans!

New: Forcing confession?


One of the gangstalkers has just said: “No to czy zezna?”. It means in english: “So will he admit?”. It has been anti-semitism/racism, anti-communism, homosexual rape threats and tries to make me kill myself. Then this comes.

Is this the law and order in Europe that is upheld by the democracies and the police here?

Remove communism from China now!

A video about the fact that communism is very bad and now strong effort must be made to remove communism from the region of communist China!

Chinese communism must end now. Because they want to take over new areas and communism is very bad. They made nuke threats against Japan. See the video for information and do help to remove communism from the region of communist China.

China is dangerous

China is dangerous because they are engineering obsessed as part of their power hungry ambition. They have lots of high speed trains in their country now. Why do we in Europe still have legal cigarettes and alcohol and casinos? These things/places are a total waste of time, money and health. I just thought of some of the pretty idiotic things we have in Europe that are hindering engineering progress here in Europe. There are more idiotic stuff like psychiatric diagnoses for healthy and sane people who after being diagnosed are repressed by toxic psychiatric drugs. There is so much we can do in Europe to make the region more powerful. What is needed are strong and sane leaders who can take away all the idiotic things in European society (I mentioned some of them earlier in this text).

Link to CNN article about Chinas power hungry quest: