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I will be the leader of this world

Hi, I will be the leader of this world. Just so you know. Good night.

Structural racism in Sweden

The racism in Sweden can without problem be called structural because of the different elements that it is made up of. To mention a few: 1. The indifference to the suffering that people of armenian descent are having. 2. The rejection of the idea to support the armenian diaspora so that people like myself can live a normal life without being shouted at and verbally attacked.

Armenia is more affected by war than Ukraine

I have studied history and I don’t think I am wrong when I say that Armenia is more affected by war historically than Ukraine (which is a blended nation of Poles, Lithuanians and Russians). They, the ukrainans, are a people from big and wealthy countries in comparison. So why all racism?

The greatest extent of Armenia was under Tigranes the great and it was 3 000 000 km2. Today Armenia is ~ 30 000 km2. That is ~1% of its greatest indo-european size. You dont think this happened: Genocide Museum | The Armenian Genocide Museum-institute ( ?

It did happen. How do you think the enemies of Indo-European Armenians took all those areas from them earlier also?

Tigranes the Great – Wikipedia
Land area (sq. km) – Armenia | Data (

Edit 2023-05-14: I missed to write about the Jews and other minorities in Ukraine.

The Armenian Genocide Museum


Feel free to study the Armenian Genocide Museum website! Its a very nice design with small text on the website which I think is nice. Does not look like a bloatware style (a bad style).

Link: Genocide Museum | The Armenian Genocide Museum-institute (

White guys opressed me

So there were all these really white guys who opressed me through the psychiatric system of Sweden. Just because some really white guys are for example workaholics, does it make their produce and strategies good? No. What they do against me is bad. I have been so religious but what if everything is just about the color you have or not have?

Gangstalking day

So today there have been a strong gangstalking day by the polish speaking woman and a polish speaking man. Ofcourse all this revolution type of behaviour full of hate and disharmony against me, have been painful. I have not been productive and ofcourse I search for answers. Is it so that my armenian ancestry is the reason for the attacks today? Do I have to believe that polish people are racist now? Are they maybe the far-left instead? Who are they? I remember now, while writing that earlier it was racism coming from a polish speaking woman and man and hate. This is not behind a screen, they come to outside the houses I have been in. Ok, so most probably its cocky, full of hate and power, polish speaking racism. I remember when I proudly wore my western-allied (US paratrooper) ww2 style jacket. It was my defiance against northern european racism of force and disharmony. I was born in Sweden and when these very strong in numbers northern europeans here, are behaving like this. Its not nice. It is also a crash, if you can call it that way, of my worldview. I earlier believed that polish people are heroes on the globe (against both nazism and communism). After many hours of tortures today by most probably the same polish speaking racists. I can say to you that racist oppression is what this must be most probably. Its a sick world, now Im thinking about the psychiatric oppression. As if that was not enough.