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I will be the leader of this world

Hi, I will be the leader of this world. Just so you know. Good night.

The Armenian Genocide Museum


Feel free to study the Armenian Genocide Museum website! Its a very nice design with small text on the website which I think is nice. Does not look like a bloatware style (a bad style).

Link: Genocide Museum | The Armenian Genocide Museum-institute (

Stop homosexuality!


Do stop the homosexual acts and propaganda for homosexuality. Here is information that a big CEO in the United States of America is for homosexuality:

It is not good with homosexual acts!

P.s. The Turing series of GPU’s from the company Nvidia were homosexual propaganda according to me because Alan Turing was homosexual. I am polish and I know that polish intelligent people cracked the german nazi Enigma crypt code during World War II and that people in the United Kingdom had help from this polish work. Something that maybe is being silenced or something like that.

RCC against all humans?

I wonder if the Roman Catholic Church is against all humans because if you think about that they dont allow masturbation which in men seems to lead to castration and then you should be very poor and believing. So if all humans would be good Catholics then they would probably not be able to have kids, which means the end of humanity and the poverty would accelerate the demise of humankind even further. So in theory maybe the Roman Catholic Church wants to leave earth without humans for an alien being or race?

Attacks today too

So I had some dishes that I wanted to dish. Shortly after I started I hear the old polish woman from the windows say: “So do you feel the sperm smell?”. Then from the apartment-door I hear a man say: “So where is your honor?”.

This is ongoing every day probably. I want to say that even though they seemed very xenophobic and were saying that I am a now-deceased criminal massmurderer communist. This most probably just because of some of my DNA that is from Armenia.

I have started to try to build stronger on our Christian heritage now, by distancing myself from Alphabet Inc which is jewish and Microsoft which has pro homosexuality propaganda in their program Skype.

Actually, Lutheranism is very xenophobic also because those Lutheran denominations are actively trying to suppress the southern lineage from the Christian apostles who were in direct contact with God while he walked the Earth. Lutheran denominations are like hijackers of parts of the Catholic church and they are driving people into a more xenophobic faith. So also Lutheran denominations have their part in building up this brutal madness in the world that are the xenophobic/racist diabolical attacks on people because of their DNA.