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I will be the leader of this world

Hi, I will be the leader of this world. Just so you know. Good night.

Stop the torture against me!

Hi, I am similar to Zelensky (leader of Ukraine) searching of support while there are clear violations of human rights around me (torture). In Sweden and Poland. The perpetrators should be stopped so that they dont make people take the law in their own hands! It seems to have happened in the USA that people who were tortured took the law in their own hands and killed people. Is this what you want by keeping these torturous people free to continue? Do something for a normal Europe!

Bannad från en del av Reddit

Blev bannad från en svensk-politik del av reddit. Skrev bara detta och deras extremvänster admin reagerade snabbt:

Jäkla tokvänster som inför sharialagar bland annat och jäkla judisk socialism som inte behövs alls här. Har bojkottat Facebook nu och seriöst, ni riktiga kristna fatta hur girigt och hårt de okristna motståndet och de kristna förrädarna arbetar mot oss.
Kämpa för ett riktig bra kristet Sverige (protestanter, katoliker och ortodoxa som bästa vänner t.ex.). Kommer rösta på Kristna värdepartiet fast de är inte så långt höger som jag. Fast närmast mig dock.

Det här är reddits svar och så har de bannat mig från “r/svenskpolitik” samt så är inlägget ovan raderat:

r/svenskpolitikYou’ve been permanently banned from participating in r/svenskpolitik
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You have been permanently banned from participating in r/svenskpolitik. You can still view and subscribe to r/svenskpolitik, but you won’t be able to post or comment.

If you have a question regarding your ban, you can contact the moderator team for r/svenskpolitik by replying to this message.

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Fattar inte varför folk gillar socialismen så mycket? Hur kan judisk socialism vara så populär? Kommunism/socialism är som en elak och uppviglande judisk sagobok bara?

Food as a pleasure

Why do so many people want to eat food as a pleasure when it often leads to bad health, ugliness and an earlier death?

Cookies for example are so unhealthy with processed ingredients and I often go around and think that all those unhealthy foods in the food stores are like food-drugs that stupid people want to buy to feel pleasure while eating while they are damaging their bodies.

I also have said that people can be like pigs. Some people want to try everything in a shopping mall probably and just can’t remember that they are humans that can easily be harmed by these businesses that get profits on unhealthy foods. When it comes to the human body I’ve earlier come to the conclusion that it is a very fragile creation/being and I don’t understand why some people just want to go ahead and behave as if they did not understand the fragility of the human body and instead are like pigs who want to consume bad products.

I’ve even thought that all unhealthy foods should be outlawed and also cigarettes and alcohol (consumption alcohol) like drugs are now and also psychiatric drugs should be. Even chocolate is so fat and is it really worth having it legal when the paleo diet is so healthy and the chocolate doesn’t fit this diet according to me? I don’t think so.

There is also anger probably by people in the world who want to stay healthy and good-looking against these people who support these malevolent product businesses that are pushing unhealthy consumption. I have even created a conspiracy theory that the people in charge of the areas that I’ve been in (northern Europe) want to attack us with these unhealthy products and thats why there are so very many of them in the stores and they are 100% legal.

I hope that I can have a good character the rest of my life and understand that while there is a conflict in Ukraine now there is also a conflict in many countries in Europe where evil business people want to profit from our demise.

Link to a site where it is written that cookies are unhealthy: What Makes Cookies Unhealthy? –

The Armenian Genocide Museum


Feel free to study the Armenian Genocide Museum website! Its a very nice design with small text on the website which I think is nice. Does not look like a bloatware style (a bad style).

Link: Genocide Museum | The Armenian Genocide Museum-institute (