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Info MN Gangstalking 2021-10-30

A video from M.N. from 2021-10-30.

Hi, A new video with information about the cruel polish (the language they use) gangstalking that has been ongoing against me since January 2019. I want the world to be more with conservatism and catholic (politics) and I have been thinking about the legacy of people who die prematurely on the Internet. John Horvat II is a conservatic influencer. The man who called himself “Pan Codziennik” ( had a blog that seems to be off the Internet now after his death because of a Corona-virus infection. You can see some info though on “Wayback machine” (

Video also available in the big USA-company Vimeo:

Coronavirus precautions are nice


So I have read this article: Grova påhoppet mot Tegnell: Likgiltig inför människors död ( It is about Andy Slavitts critique of Anders Tegnell in Sweden who did not do hard policies to stop the coronavirus. I like that. I will start using a facemask everytime I go to the store to shop now. It is good to be serious about stopping the coronaviruss spread instead of not being it.