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Bannad från en del av Reddit

Blev bannad från en svensk-politik del av reddit. Skrev bara detta och deras extremvänster admin reagerade snabbt:

Jäkla tokvänster som inför sharialagar bland annat och jäkla judisk socialism som inte behövs alls här. Har bojkottat Facebook nu och seriöst, ni riktiga kristna fatta hur girigt och hårt de okristna motståndet och de kristna förrädarna arbetar mot oss.
Kämpa för ett riktig bra kristet Sverige (protestanter, katoliker och ortodoxa som bästa vänner t.ex.). Kommer rösta på Kristna värdepartiet fast de är inte så långt höger som jag. Fast närmast mig dock.

Det här är reddits svar och så har de bannat mig från “r/svenskpolitik” samt så är inlägget ovan raderat:

r/svenskpolitikYou’ve been permanently banned from participating in r/svenskpolitik
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[–]subredditmeddelande via /r/svenskpolitik[M] skickat 21 minuter sen
You have been permanently banned from participating in r/svenskpolitik. You can still view and subscribe to r/svenskpolitik, but you won’t be able to post or comment.

If you have a question regarding your ban, you can contact the moderator team for r/svenskpolitik by replying to this message.

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Fattar inte varför folk gillar socialismen så mycket? Hur kan judisk socialism vara så populär? Kommunism/socialism är som en elak och uppviglande judisk sagobok bara?

Starcraft gaming (manliness)

I have played a Starcraft match against an AI protoss player and I won. You can see the replay by downloading the replay file which is in a zip file (you need also to put the .rep file in a place on a computer where you can find it later from inside the game Starcraft by Blizzard. Link:

Tale of competition

So there were 3 men. One was Mieczyslaw who was a big farmer and the second one was Jaroslaw who also was a big farmer. Jaroslaw had a brother who was a doctor, named Czeslaw. When Mieczyslaw visited Czeslaw because of heartproblems. Then the doctor Czeslaw thought that he did not like the farming competition of Mieczyslaw against Jaroslaw so he damaged Mieczyslaws heart while pretending to help him so that he died prematurly shortly after.

This tale depicts a human (Czeslaw) who because of greed make evil acts (against Mieczyslaw). I feel like some kind of opressed minority right now, therefore this tale.

Remove communism from China now!

A video about the fact that communism is very bad and now strong effort must be made to remove communism from the region of communist China!

Chinese communism must end now. Because they want to take over new areas and communism is very bad. They made nuke threats against Japan. See the video for information and do help to remove communism from the region of communist China.

European business profits!

Wilanow Palace , Warsaw, Poland.

The World Factbook 2021. Washington, DC: Central Intelligence Agency, 2021.

I think that what is important for me and us polish people are european business profits. I know that my investment in Tesla Inc was something with hopes for profits. However I need solid profits and not losses. Our national polish industries have strong competition from abroad. However national industries are key to big profits for a given country. No matter how much George Soros has had in profits as an investor. I thought that maybe investing will give nice profits (the Tesla Inc investment). Its maybe so that George Soros was investing in his national industry and therefore got rich? Please say what you think in the comments about investing locally versus abroad?