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I will be the leader of this world

Hi, I will be the leader of this world. Just so you know. Good night.

What an islamization!

I went to Hallunda Centrum from Slussen metro station (with metro) and I saw so much Islamization and Muslims and even a complete mosque by some water in Fittja (or some place near Fittja). One woman had a burka which looked like real Taliban politics in Sweden. I felt bad while perceiving all this in person when going with the metro to Hallunda centrum and walking around there. They have “Matmissionen” there which is a place where poor people can get cheap food but what Christian who does not live there will take the trip to a very muslim region to buy cheaper food? Probably no poor christian will make that trip because of the terror of Islam.

Info MN Gangstalking 2021-10-30

A video from M.N. from 2021-10-30.

Hi, A new video with information about the cruel polish (the language they use) gangstalking that has been ongoing against me since January 2019. I want the world to be more with conservatism and catholic (politics) and I have been thinking about the legacy of people who die prematurely on the Internet. John Horvat II is a conservatic influencer. The man who called himself “Pan Codziennik” ( had a blog that seems to be off the Internet now after his death because of a Corona-virus infection. You can see some info though on “Wayback machine” (

Video also available in the big USA-company Vimeo:

Light hair and materialism?

So it seems that my enemies have light hair and a materialistic gay-rapist belief system. There seem to be the official version of Poland. The one where the Catholic church is respected and law and order and that it is a democracy. In reality it seems that the light haired peoples of these areas that are now called Poland have taken the materialism, maybe, from the USSR system and now use it against people with immigrant background. Also rape strategies, maybe from the USSR system also (Beria was a rapist in USSR). So they are very evil rapists and materialistic. They are almost as good communists but the difference is that they are light haired most probably and that they hate people with immigrant background. I am exposing the situation in Wroclaw because I still believe in some kind of kindness that people should show to each other that my enemies clearly lack.

It feels stupid to be very catholic when my enemies are like some kind of racist communists…

USA recognizes Armenian Genocide

Today USA recognized the Armenian Genocide. That is something good. To make world peace it is good to recognize atrocities and genocides which happened. It is important to find the people organized in unlawful killings today too, to stop them. There are many nations and sometimes people are not thinking to interfere to stop killings in other countries. Now there is a problem in Myanmar where the military is killing people for some reason. Whose job is it to understand that situation right now for example? It’s a hard question when people far away get killed today.

Being a Christian is something that makes a person more trustable for a position of a peace-keeper for humanity. The many years of a Christian upbringing are great for world peace. Catholicism has confession which is very peaceful.

There is systematic oppression in Sweden against me, which is the psychiatric system. I am not mentally unfit even though somewhere in the Swedish state systems there’s a label like that. I’m polish and partly Armenian. So I can see how I must search for freedom and justice often, because of this psychiatric oppression in Sweden. It’s not as if the world is completely okay for everyone. There are many strangers in the world and the interactions are harsh sometimes. Like labeling someone mentally unfit and forcing them to be medicated. Friends from childhood maybe are worth much when there are so many strangers who are evil? However that is another question. The psychiatric systems maybe should have some kind of oversight where a kind person works, or some kind persons, who can remove the psychiatric diagnose for people who are better off without one. I have hoped to find kind people with good morals with responsibility in society and sometimes it feels like a gladiator arena instead. Materialism and force. Something a bit like Quake Arena (or what the Quake games were called). However I have played videogames so of course it’s something coming back to memory sometimes, I guess. When it is riots in society then I guess you start thinking it’s a violent place where you are. And the riots in Stockholm suburbs after year 2014 were bad.

The heads of state do indeed have great power, and I have come to have the chance to use the Internet to communicate to the world. I know that my grandfather Michal Lewicki probably did not have this chance. Why do then some heads of state behave so evil? Most probably because they are strategists for some kind of order they want to uphold or an order they want to reshape or replace. World peace can begin with some kind of Christian prayers and keeping a good character.

Why not the Lord’s Prayer in Latin for a better future?
Link to it:

It is important to control oneself in a Christian way for example for the world to be peaceful. The devil is an evil being according to the Catholic faith and he is tempting humans to sin (do bad things). It is important to try to become a better person so that the world becomes a better place for all.

Link to a news article:
Link 2 to a news article:
Link to a Swedish news article:

Bauman i komunizm

Magda Roszkowska uwazala w artykule o Baumanie ze PRL zrobil jakisz awanz pozytywny z chlopskiej nedzy do zawansowanych przedsiebiorstw panstwowych. Tylko ze to jest prubowanie wcziskiwania lewej polityki nam. Tak jakby my nie umielismyby zrobic kapitalistyczny rozwoj technologiczny sami, bez uczisku komunistycznego. Przestalem w tym miejscu czytac artykul.
Link do artykulu:,177333,26807231,artur-domoslawski-baumana-owiewa-czarna-legenda.html
Dlatego sytuacja w Bialorusi gdzie bialorusini hca kapitalizmu jest kolejnym dowodem ze lewa polityka jest zla.
Jak mogla Magda Roszkowska prubowac wciskac nam komunistyczny system w pozytywnym świetle? Postep techonologiczny z kapitalizmem wyslal ludzi na kzieszyc, moze przypomne.
Link do artykulu o bialorusinach:,177333,26829663,bialorusini-nie-chca-juz-zyc-w-kolchozie-chca-zyc-w.html

Conservative Europe

In western European countries especially, you can see that europeans are sharing european soil with non-europeans. It is not conservative to finance their migration to Europe or to finance their stay here. Europe should stay conservative and not so very immigration-friendly as parts of Europe are. The world is getting all the more full of people. Just because some individuals outside Europe like to have many kids, does it mean they should take over Europe? No, they should not.

Edit 2020-07-22 17:29: I think I am an Pan-Christian actually. So therefore I must add that actually I think that a conservative Europe is a Europe where the Catholic church is made strong in numbers no matter where the Catholics come from. When it comes to other Christians they can migrate to Europe too if they want to. So, Europe as a base for Christians who should get more and more in numbers. No matter what their migration history is. If they are from outside Europe they must be Catholics or Orthodox Christians though (to migrate to Europe). Just because this politics would not work out so well if someone joins a little protestant church and migrates to Europe and thinks that is something conservative for Europe in the long term. Especially now with the 20th century migration-history to western Europe, we need some old Christian faith in Europe with all the incense and stuff (Catholic/Orthodox), instead of some very new Lutheran church revival.