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Great criticism of Orwellian psychiatry!

I have read a text from Thomas Szasz that is great criticism of Orwellian western psychiatry. Please read it and try to fix the psychiatric system in Sweden. I really want to fix the psychiatric system in Sweden to stay healthy. They damage my brain!

Link to the text: freeman33.pdf ( (downloaded 2022-03-16)

Mitt meddelande till IVO idag

Tack vare användaren: Normalisera ?✌? on Twitter: “@MichaelNowik1 Du borde anmäla till IVO” / Twitter så skickade jag kritik av psykiatrin till IVO idag. OBS! Narkotika är olagligt i Sverige och många länder och jag personligen anser att Cannabis försvagar människor vid användning och gör dem knappast starkare. Eftersom användaren “Normalisera” Verkar gilla Cannabis, så skrev jag detta.

Här är meddelandet till IVO genom deras kontaktformulär:

Det är helt sjukt hur jag har injicerats över 30 gånger av psykofarmaka i Stockholmsområdet sedan 2013 minst. Alla vet att detta är pseudovetenskap, alltså att försöka hjälpa personer med dessa injektioner och tabletter som kallas psyskofarmaka. Fast trots detta så finns det mycket mäktiga personer som anser att systemet måste uprätthållas och skada svenska medborgare systematiskt. Motivet? Jag vet inte fast det handlar nog om att makten inte ska förflyttas till några andra människor mest troligtsvis. Pengar är involverade också.

Om detta meddelande inte filtreras och förstörs direkt utan en människa läser det. Kämpa emot detta psykiatriska system i Sverige som det ser ut idag!”

Kampen fortsätter.

Harvard’s bad propaganda

Today I have read an e-mail from Harvard Medical School/Harvard Health Publishing (I am registered in their mailing list) and in 443 words they mainly tried to manipulate people to believe in the opressing psychiatric ‎diagnose‎ of ADHD. There is not such thing as ADHD ofcourse. And the medications are poisionous (which they reccomended in the Harvard e-mail). Understand now that Harvard is beside educating people also trying to uphold the opressive psychiatric systems worldwide in their current form to a big degree. The psychiatric system in for example Sweden is a system of modern bullying/torture by adults against adults and even children in a western democracy. It is also the ongoing creation of a under-privileged class of swedish citizens (the tortured diagnozed patients).

Good people should not be tortured/bullied by some psychiatric system people according to me.

White guys opressed me

So there were all these really white guys who opressed me through the psychiatric system of Sweden. Just because some really white guys are for example workaholics, does it make their produce and strategies good? No. What they do against me is bad. I have been so religious but what if everything is just about the color you have or not have?

China is dangerous

China is dangerous because they are engineering obsessed as part of their power hungry ambition. They have lots of high speed trains in their country now. Why do we in Europe still have legal cigarettes and alcohol and casinos? These things/places are a total waste of time, money and health. I just thought of some of the pretty idiotic things we have in Europe that are hindering engineering progress here in Europe. There are more idiotic stuff like psychiatric diagnoses for healthy and sane people who after being diagnosed are repressed by toxic psychiatric drugs. There is so much we can do in Europe to make the region more powerful. What is needed are strong and sane leaders who can take away all the idiotic things in European society (I mentioned some of them earlier in this text).

Link to CNN article about Chinas power hungry quest:

USA recognizes Armenian Genocide

Today USA recognized the Armenian Genocide. That is something good. To make world peace it is good to recognize atrocities and genocides which happened. It is important to find the people organized in unlawful killings today too, to stop them. There are many nations and sometimes people are not thinking to interfere to stop killings in other countries. Now there is a problem in Myanmar where the military is killing people for some reason. Whose job is it to understand that situation right now for example? It’s a hard question when people far away get killed today.

Being a Christian is something that makes a person more trustable for a position of a peace-keeper for humanity. The many years of a Christian upbringing are great for world peace. Catholicism has confession which is very peaceful.

There is systematic oppression in Sweden against me, which is the psychiatric system. I am not mentally unfit even though somewhere in the Swedish state systems there’s a label like that. I’m polish and partly Armenian. So I can see how I must search for freedom and justice often, because of this psychiatric oppression in Sweden. It’s not as if the world is completely okay for everyone. There are many strangers in the world and the interactions are harsh sometimes. Like labeling someone mentally unfit and forcing them to be medicated. Friends from childhood maybe are worth much when there are so many strangers who are evil? However that is another question. The psychiatric systems maybe should have some kind of oversight where a kind person works, or some kind persons, who can remove the psychiatric diagnose for people who are better off without one. I have hoped to find kind people with good morals with responsibility in society and sometimes it feels like a gladiator arena instead. Materialism and force. Something a bit like Quake Arena (or what the Quake games were called). However I have played videogames so of course it’s something coming back to memory sometimes, I guess. When it is riots in society then I guess you start thinking it’s a violent place where you are. And the riots in Stockholm suburbs after year 2014 were bad.

The heads of state do indeed have great power, and I have come to have the chance to use the Internet to communicate to the world. I know that my grandfather Michal Lewicki probably did not have this chance. Why do then some heads of state behave so evil? Most probably because they are strategists for some kind of order they want to uphold or an order they want to reshape or replace. World peace can begin with some kind of Christian prayers and keeping a good character.

Why not the Lord’s Prayer in Latin for a better future?
Link to it:

It is important to control oneself in a Christian way for example for the world to be peaceful. The devil is an evil being according to the Catholic faith and he is tempting humans to sin (do bad things). It is important to try to become a better person so that the world becomes a better place for all.

Link to a news article:
Link 2 to a news article:
Link to a Swedish news article:


Anti-psychiatry is something good that we all need. This is because I am a survivor of an sad accident where I had to stitch my face after passing out and landing on my face. This happened the day after getting one injection of psychiatric “medication” (I have an earlier post about this named “Oppression through psychiatry). I have read about a person called Thomas Szasz and one of his texts called “Idleness and Lawlessness in the Therapeutic State”. It is a very inspiring text to become more productive in society. However the most important thing is that there is a good critique of the psychiatric system that can take away liberty from people and torture them with so called psychiatric medications. That can lead to sad incidents like in my case. Now there is a weird part in the end of the text though. It is this: “Foreign aid increases the power and prestige
of the political authorities who receive and administer
it and impoverishes the people it is supposed to help.”. It is a statement that does not need to be true according to me because it all depends on the authorities if they spend the aid well or not. It is clear though that Thomas Szasz have criticized the psychiatric system and in a way described that because they get money they keep oppressing people. It is a good critique overall, this text, but only that part about foreign aid always being bad. Is a part that I felt did not sound like an universal truth. I hope that the psychiatric system in Sweden can be changed so that no one is forced medications that hurt them and can even lead to consequences like a deformed mouth.

Thomas Szasz text (Idleness and Lawlessness in the Therapeutic State) about mental-health that I have read: (Downloaded 2020-06-09)

Thomas Stephen Szasz website (1920-04-15 – 2012-09-08):

Oppression through psychiatry

In Sweden there is oppression through a state controlled psychiatry system. From outside it may seem like a place to get help and get a persons life in order. However there is much fake information and outright lies there. They force medications on their patients who are in that system for life. The medications (psychiatric) are damading the patiens bodies and especially the brains. The patients get weaker for every day because of the so called care (the medications damage the body). This system must be changed so that no one gets bad diagnoses and bad psychiatric medication for the rest of their lives here.

I feel that I must become fast to inform and try to change the system here. We polish people got rid of the communistic system as it was to the year 1990/1991 in the region of Poland and Germany. I think that I as a pole can do something to change the psychiatric system. By the way, I am also catholic and it is a very good faith to get your life in order. It is so good faith that it can help better than the psychiatric industry, to get people as good cogs in a society.

M.N. in 6th september 2012.

How I looked in 2012-09-06 in a mirror, before an psychiatric accident which was in 2013-07-28.

I had an psychiatric accident where I just one day after an injection of a psychiatric medication passed out (the date was 2013-07-28) and fell on my face with some urine in my underwear. I had to stich my mouth and it never looked normal since so I need a moustasche now.
In 2015 I took a photo with me where you can see my damaged mouth.

M.N. in 20th october 2015.

This is a scary and bad incident in the swedish state psychiatric system. I hope I can inform and warn about this system by this post.

Important: If you get injections of psychiatric medications you should be very cautious so that when you feel dizzy you sit down calmly. Because otherwise if you stand up and are tired or dizzy you can pass out and land on your face and have bad injuries.

Edit: I am trying to get recompensation from the state for the injury (got a no 2 times from, last time 2020-05-25).

Edit 2 2020-06-18: Important n. 2: When you get injections of psychiatric medications it is important to breathe in and force air to the body when you feel dizzy. So that you dont pass out. Its very clear to me that the psychiatric-medications make oxygen-intake problems for the body. This could in a combination with the Corona-virus, be maybe even life threatening according to me.

Edit 3 2020-10-07: The insurance company If gave me 0 SEK for this injury. I had an insurance (home insurance). This is also a scandal.

Edit 4 2021-03-26: I had strong death fear when I passed out before this accident with my face. It was some minutes for sure this problem situation. To explain that it was scary with this darkness that wanted me in a way. I passed out 2 times also, after the first passing out I tried to save my life and thats how I got my scar I guess.