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Outlawed mustaches?

Because mustaches are almost outlawed now they can easily take away the possibility to shave by just destroying the mouth of a person. That way they make more jewish/arab looking people on the streets of Sweden probably. I know that Stalin and Hitler were so very evil. Did someone destroy my mouth to make me look more like an jew or arab?

Ukrainan nationalist hated the communists, that is for sure.

I would like to be totally shaved and look unhurt and healthy. That is a wish. The people here seem to be for beards and Islamization.

No children politics?

Hi, So it seems there may be different anti children politics in the world. The Catholic church wants all men and women in the church and so that they will have no children. The politics in Sweden is often about , for example, so called parasitic immigrants who just want children and that is an unwanted cost to the critics of immigrants.

Why is it so that it feels that if you want to have children it is like a big problem for world leaders and people doing politics? Also the abortions. It is crimes and masskillings. They are so greedy and materialistic and evil, some people.

Edit 2021-12-06: If you do not know much of the faith of the Catholic church then I can explain why I feel they do not want more children on Earth. The most extreme believer is the one who is in the clergy or a nun. All believers are often taught to follow more and more rigorously the Catholic faith. That is why I think it is a no children strategy by the Catholic church. There is a possibility to think that the Catholic church wants more children on Earth today when there is not a Catholic theocracy in a nation that you live in.