Jewish world power exposed

Jewish world power exposed

A photo of John Paul II and a figure of The Holy Family.

All Christian conservatives should know about the jewish world power structures. The Internet company “Google” was started by 2 jews named Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Later the company “Google” was placed in a parent company “Alphabet Inc”. Jews have much influence in these companies and their famous services like Google and YouTube for example. If you are conservative you may want to think about the necessity to be cooperating much with these companies and what information you are giving to them. The “Alphabet Inc” company is very big and it is transforming the world to a more jewish world. Please, stand up for the Christian Heritage! I have no information about Larry Page or Sergery Brin wanting to become Christians. Christianity is open for everyone and it is a peaceful religion.

There is also another big jewish company, an mostly Internet company called “Facebook Inc” and it is known for, for example the websites “Facebook”, “Whatsapp” and “Instagram”. The founder is named Mark Zuckerberg and he is jewish. On Facebook you can most probably become a member with your full name for free. However, Mark Zuckerberg is making money on his users and jewish power expands in the world.

Have you noticed how the Christian Heritage is, as if, trampled on in western Europe? The situation is bad in western Europe for Christianity as a whole and jews being so influential and taking so much money from us Christians means less churches, less security for Christians, less Christian faith and so on. Remember it every day, these jewish companies: “Alphabet Inc” and “Facebook Inc” are almost everywhere in the world!

Michael Nowik
Stockholm, Sweden

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