Michael Nowik

In 1915 my grandfather Michal Lewicki was born. He has written a book that is available (the first part of two) on the Internet here: Jeden niełatwy żywot – Lwów Kraków Wrocław – Michał Lewicki — Ridero
In 1940 there was a deportation to the communist Gulag of the Nowik family from near Baranowicze/Dziadkowicze. This area is called “Kresy” by polish people. An older Nowik relative was kicked out from the train somewhere in Russia. He got upset when there was a communist guard. In Siberia, there they worked by cutting down trees. They, the prisoners, slept tightly on their side, 4 persons in a bed. When one wanted to change side to lay on, all of them had to change side. One night one prisoner opened a window to get air. Next day some people carried out a dead or some dead people from the barrack because it got so cold. Nowik and probably som other prisoners felt they had to trick the communist guards to even survive there. Jozef talked with a guard and explained he was a hunter. He got a rifle from the guard and hunted in the area of the Gulag. Jozef Nowik went on the sea, probably the Caspian sea, by boat, to join the new army of general Anders. In Iran they were for a time. Then they went to Israel where the polish soldiers built a station of the cross (Catholic faith thing). Later there was something going on around El Alamein. There was actually a battle between the British and the Nazis (or even 2 battles). Jozef Nowik went to South Africa with boat. There there was a african man with old african style, that meant he had a bone through his nose and some old african style clothing. Later Jozef Nowik, my grandfather (fathers father), fought in Falaise. Later my father Wladyslaw Nowik was born and they moved to the village Szczodre. My father worked in a polish organization in Stockholm, Sweden. He had an important position there. I, Michael Nowik, was born in Stockholm in 1991.