Header image of Riksdagshuset in Sweden. in early feb. 2022.


Anti-psychiatry is something good that we all need. This is because I am a survivor of an sad accident where I had to stitch my face after passing out and landing on my face. This happened the day after getting one injection of psychiatric “medication” […]


Playing with nazi-gas fear

Sweden is a country with a known collaboration with Nazi-Germany during World War 2 where they for example sold iron to Nazi-Germany. Nazi-Germany started World War 2 with an attack on Poland and needed this iron very much. So the help was effective in the […]

GTA V review

GTA V is a game where a big part of it is about playing like a gang-criminal. It is about making crimes for money. Its fictional ofcourse but even the police are being represented as enemies of the gang. I do think that this game […]