Michael Nowik

Poland was attacked by Soviet-Russia

During World War 2 Poland was attacked by communist-Russia the 17 september 1939. This lead to the fact that in the communist-Russian controlled areas the communist-Russians deported Jozef Nowik and his family to Sibera. Stalin was the leader of communist-Russia at that time. There Jozef […]

Conservative Europe

In western European countries especially, you can see that europeans are sharing european soil with non-europeans. It is not conservative to finance their migration to Europe or to finance their stay here. Europe should stay conservative and not so very immigration-friendly as parts of Europe […]

About my image

This post will be about my image. I know that sometimes it feels like I want to censor all gangstalking content from my YouTube channel etc.. However, I started to think that it is good to leave it online. Linus Torvalds once said that leaving […]


Playing with nazi-gas fear

Sweden is a country with a known collaboration with Nazi-Germany during World War 2 where they for example sold iron to Nazi-Germany. Nazi-Germany started World War 2 with an attack on Poland and needed this iron very much. So the help was effective in the […]