Community starving of me

For many days they, the gangstalkers, in the polish language, are saying that they are posioning me with sperm in my food. Then they can ask like, “So will you eat now?”. This goes of for a long time and ofcourse I am trying to keep a special diet that no one has put sperm in and also carrying food all the time with me to protect it. This may sound like a nigthmare but that how it is. Starving was used by the light haired northern europeans to kill many jews and gypsies who often had darker hair color for example. They killed polish people too but here the polish people are like polish nazis so I want to remind that actually they have something in common with the nazi-germans. Their light hair color. This is like a fact that they use to find each other and people with immigrant background, or something like that. You know what I mean.

Harvard’s bad propaganda

Today I have read an e-mail from Harvard Medical School/Harvard Health Publishing (I am registered in their mailing list) and in 443 words they mainly tried to manipulate people to believe in the opressing psychiatric ‎diagnose‎ of ADHD. There is not such thing as ADHD ofcourse. And the medications are poisionous (which they reccomended in the Harvard e-mail). Understand now that Harvard is beside educating people also trying to uphold the opressive psychiatric systems worldwide in their current form to a big degree. The psychiatric system in for example Sweden is a system of modern bullying/torture by adults against adults and even children in a western democracy. It is also the ongoing creation of a under-privileged class of swedish citizens (the tortured diagnozed patients).

Good people should not be tortured/bullied by some psychiatric system people according to me.

Healthy distance from Catholic church

I think that I need a healthy distance from the Catholic church teachings. Because I am afraid that no masturbation (as the Catholic church clearly teaches) by males on themselves hurts the functions of the body (especially the biological reproduction system).

Now with this distance, it is not so top-controlled by the Catholic church/Vatican what I do.

Myszli pod atakiem GS

Tu sa moje myszli pod atakami gangstalkingu z 2020-07-08:

Ja jestem dzien i noc gangstalkowany przes polska kobiete i faceta. Jestem polski ormian i naszlyszalem sie jusz razizmu od niej tez. Wydziera sie w tej chwili dlatego pisze o tych tak jakby sredniowiecnych torturach. Nie wiem kto im moze placzi ale nawet przes 1 mieszac nocami bylem budzony systematycznie przes krzyki (wstawalem do gdziesz 5 razy nocami). Mieszkam w Sztokholmie i kazdy pewnie moglby sam uszlyszec te tortury tutaj. Bo ich krzyki slyhac na 6ym pietrze. i to z zamknietymi oknami. Nie wiedzialem ze taka nienawisc moga polacy miec do rodakow ale za to slyszalem o bchaterskej walce przecziwko nazizmu i komunizmu. I tez biore udzial w niej. A jak to mozliwe ze gangstalking przes ponad 1 rok i 6 mieszecy moga polacy robicz? Przecies to nie pasuje do naszej historii jako bohaterzy ktorzy jestesmy katolicy i walczymy z nazizmem i komunizmem?


Strona była za germanska i za duzo raszizmu teraz. Zmiany nadchodzą.
Link to video with information:

Knightly fight against Nazism

During WW2 polish general Maczeks soldiers who fought Nazi-Germany were supposed to fight like knights (I understand with good christian morals). Therefore today, I want to criticize the homosexual propaganda of the companies Apple and Nvidia (USA registered companies).

Nazism must be fought today too

Nazism and polish racism must be fought today too. This is because our Catholic moral is clearly teaching world peace with adherence to many commandments e.t.c.. A racist revolution is bad. Do your part to fight materialistic nazism/racism which is targeting people like me and other people with for example DNA from southern nations.



Ja uwazam ze ma być repoloniazcja w Polsce przes zmienienie nazwy drog “Bierutowska” i “1 maja” na inne nazwy.

Dokładne adresy. Adres 1: Bierutowska. Wrocław (dzielnica Psie Pole), gm. Wrocław, pow. Wrocław, woj. dolnośląskie, Kod pocztowy 51-317
Adres 2: 1 Maja. Kąty Wrocławskie, gm. Kąty Wrocławskie, pow. wrocławski, woj. dolnośląskie, Kod pocztowy 55-080

Do wykonania/dzialania!

Tale of competition

So there were 3 men. One was Mieczyslaw who was a big farmer and the second one was Jaroslaw who also was a big farmer. Jaroslaw had a brother who was a doctor, named Czeslaw. When Mieczyslaw visited Czeslaw because of heartproblems. Then the doctor Czeslaw thought that he did not like the farming competition of Mieczyslaw against Jaroslaw so he damaged Mieczyslaws heart while pretending to help him so that he died prematurly shortly after.

This tale depicts a human (Czeslaw) who because of greed make evil acts (against Mieczyslaw). I feel like some kind of opressed minority right now, therefore this tale.