Polish Smolensk airplane attack

The Polish airplance catastrophe in Smolensk was bad. There were 2 explosions on the airplane because the 96 polish leading figures in society, in 2010, were meant to be killed. Lots of polish important people were found dead, probably murdered short afterwards in Poland. All had a link to the state airplane with the 96 important polish persons. It was showed in a movie aired today on TV Polonia.

I think that I would not buy a russian plane myself, If I was in charge of Poland or a very important leader there. Because that fact, that it was a russian plane is bad. Russia is governed by the FSB which is the leading organisation there now with a direct link to the communist system. NKVD/KGB is some older names for that organization. They made the Katyn massacre. That was the reason for the 96 important polish peoples flight to Smolensk. To remember the massacre that was made against international law by the communists based in Russia in the year 1940.

Actually I think that we need a big blockade against Russia. It is not possible to have civilian relations with them as if everything was normal. The list of crimes against humanity that organization, FSB, has done is so long. Katyn and Gulag for example. My grandfather Jozef Nowik was in the Gulag system and it was inhumane and people got killed because of this system, including his elder relative (maybe father?).

I have played videogames and also competetive and what I have learned. Maybe some people from competetive gaming or sport will understand me now. Is that to make changes for a victory, you must go in strong. I have also done some bodybuilding. I dont feel good that when I started Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, that there often was some russian players there. Why are Valve mixing in russians in our gaming system? Very weird and som civilian relations that I dont think are good.

Now polish and armenian strength is important ofcourse. How would Armenia with NATO look like? Probably good. Because they, as for example the possible first NATO country in that region, would need a strong NATO backed military base. Thats logical. However, the relations with the FSB are good and this is a bit weird also. They, armenians, were invaded by the communists so they have all reason to distance themselves from Russia controlled by the FSB (source 4). And also all the crimes against humanity made by the organization that now is named FSB, are a reason for distancing.

Poland is in NATO which is great however, we need to fix more profits for our people. It’s important so that we can make the world a better place. A big part of our morals are known, I hope, if not, read this page (it is about the Catholic faith, however I dont think theocracy is right, for the time being): https://intrnet.se/

I hope that the world will be better and people will collaborate for a civilization that is peaceful. Especially now, after that movie and after taking up the FSB which is pretty close to me as a polish-armenian person.

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