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Structural racism in Sweden

The racism in Sweden can without problem be called structural because of the different elements that it is made up of. To mention a few: 1. The indifference to the suffering that people of armenian descent are having. 2. The rejection of the idea to support the armenian diaspora so that people like myself can live a normal life without being shouted at and verbally attacked.

Armenia is more affected by war than Ukraine

I have studied history and I don’t think I am wrong when I say that Armenia is more affected by war historically than Ukraine (which is a blended nation of Poles, Lithuanians and Russians). They, the ukrainans, are a people from big and wealthy countries in comparison. So why all racism?

The greatest extent of Armenia was under Tigranes the great and it was 3 000 000 km2. Today Armenia is ~ 30 000 km2. That is ~1% of its greatest indo-european size. You dont think this happened: Genocide Museum | The Armenian Genocide Museum-institute (genocide-museum.am) ?

It did happen. How do you think the enemies of Indo-European Armenians took all those areas from them earlier also?

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