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Making Polish-Lithuanians of Ukrainians

So we should make polish-lithuanians of the ukrainians. But the giants of our times like the ukrainian nation very much.
Look here: Stand with Ukraine in the Fight against Evil | Garry Kasparov | TED – YouTube. I know that there seems not to be a pure good ethical system in this world but the closest where such a system exists is in people who try to be good and are very good at it. It is good to try to be a good person in a world where Islam and Putin’s ruling of Russia are leading to many killings of humans including children. I know that Islam is so scary and it is also here where I live in Sweden. Why do not more people speak up against this ethical system that is warmongering and evil? I hope more people will want to make Polish-Lithuania of Ukraine (with the borders as the ukrainian nation had in 2013). Even if UFO´s would attack humanity and it would be a battle for the survival of all humankind then it would be a better strategy to replace Ukraine with Poland-Lithuania. It’s a much greater history that Poland-Lithuania has. It, the replacement of Ukraine with Poland-Lithuania would be like a fast track for people in that area and whole of Europe and even the world, for a good future.