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Light hair and materialism?

So it seems that my enemies have light hair and a materialistic gay-rapist belief system. There seem to be the official version of Poland. The one where the Catholic church is respected and law and order and that it is a democracy. In reality it seems that the light haired peoples of these areas that are now called Poland have taken the materialism, maybe, from the USSR system and now use it against people with immigrant background. Also rape strategies, maybe from the USSR system also (Beria was a rapist in USSR). So they are very evil rapists and materialistic. They are almost as good communists but the difference is that they are light haired most probably and that they hate people with immigrant background. I am exposing the situation in Wroclaw because I still believe in some kind of kindness that people should show to each other that my enemies clearly lack.

It feels stupid to be very catholic when my enemies are like some kind of racist communists…