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Making Polish-Lithuanians of Ukrainians

So we should make polish-lithuanians of the ukrainians. But the giants of our times like the ukrainian nation very much.
Look here: Stand with Ukraine in the Fight against Evil | Garry Kasparov | TED – YouTube. I know that there seems not to be a pure good ethical system in this world but the closest where such a system exists is in people who try to be good and are very good at it. It is good to try to be a good person in a world where Islam and Putin’s ruling of Russia are leading to many killings of humans including children. I know that Islam is so scary and it is also here where I live in Sweden. Why do not more people speak up against this ethical system that is warmongering and evil? I hope more people will want to make Polish-Lithuania of Ukraine (with the borders as the ukrainian nation had in 2013). Even if UFO´s would attack humanity and it would be a battle for the survival of all humankind then it would be a better strategy to replace Ukraine with Poland-Lithuania. It’s a much greater history that Poland-Lithuania has. It, the replacement of Ukraine with Poland-Lithuania would be like a fast track for people in that area and whole of Europe and even the world, for a good future.

Ukraine is a threat to Poles and Lithuanians

Ukraine is a threat to Poles and Lithuanians. The tendency by Twitter any many people to support the nation called Ukraine is totally linked with suppression of real history that the Ukrainians are a people that come from intermarriages between Lithuanians, Poles and Russians. When I wanted to learn history on Twitter they destroyed that effort and instead big powers are investing in supporting this Ukraine nation creation that has blood on its hands. They, Ukrainians, did the Wolyn massacre. Is that glorious? They supported Nazi-Germany. Do just create Polish-Lithuania in all of that region now called Ukraine and problem solved. If you dont listen to me, you are not smart and conservative for christian Europe!

I was censored.

Edit: 20:00 I noticed that my reply is on Twitter now. So the censoring did not happen that I thought happened or they took my reply back online. However, my thoughts about politics and history are good to have online.