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Knightly fight against Nazism

During WW2 polish general Maczeks soldiers who fought Nazi-Germany were supposed to fight like knights (I understand with good christian morals). Therefore today, I want to criticize the homosexual propaganda of the companies Apple and Nvidia (USA registered companies).

Tale of competition

So there were 3 men. One was Mieczyslaw who was a big farmer and the second one was Jaroslaw who also was a big farmer. Jaroslaw had a brother who was a doctor, named Czeslaw. When Mieczyslaw visited Czeslaw because of heartproblems. Then the doctor Czeslaw thought that he did not like the farming competition of Mieczyslaw against Jaroslaw so he damaged Mieczyslaws heart while pretending to help him so that he died prematurly shortly after.

This tale depicts a human (Czeslaw) who because of greed make evil acts (against Mieczyslaw). I feel like some kind of opressed minority right now, therefore this tale.