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Oppression through psychiatry

In Sweden there is oppression through a state controlled psychiatry system. From outside it may seem like a place to get help and get a persons life in order. However there is much fake information and outright lies there. They force medications on their patients who are in that system for life. The medications (psychiatric) are damading the patiens bodies and especially the brains. The patients get weaker for every day because of the so called care (the medications damage the body). This system must be changed so that no one gets bad diagnoses and bad psychiatric medication for the rest of their lives here.

I feel that I must become fast to inform and try to change the system here. We polish people got rid of the communistic system as it was to the year 1990/1991 in the region of Poland and Germany. I think that I as a pole can do something to change the psychiatric system. By the way, I am also catholic and it is a very good faith to get your life in order. It is so good faith that it can help better than the psychiatric industry, to get people as good cogs in a society.

M.N. in 6th september 2012.

How I looked in 2012-09-06 in a mirror, before an psychiatric accident which was in 2013-07-28.

I had an psychiatric accident where I just one day after an injection of a psychiatric medication passed out (the date was 2013-07-28) and fell on my face with some urine in my underwear. I had to stich my mouth and it never looked normal since so I need a moustasche now.
In 2015 I took a photo with me where you can see my damaged mouth.

M.N. in 20th october 2015.

This is a scary and bad incident in the swedish state psychiatric system. I hope I can inform and warn about this system by this post.

Important: If you get injections of psychiatric medications you should be very cautious so that when you feel dizzy you sit down calmly. Because otherwise if you stand up and are tired or dizzy you can pass out and land on your face and have bad injuries.

Edit: I am trying to get recompensation from the state for the injury (got a no 2 times from www.lof.se, last time 2020-05-25).

Edit 2 2020-06-18: Important n. 2: When you get injections of psychiatric medications it is important to breathe in and force air to the body when you feel dizzy. So that you dont pass out. Its very clear to me that the psychiatric-medications make oxygen-intake problems for the body. This could in a combination with the Corona-virus, be maybe even life threatening according to me.

Edit 3 2020-10-07: The insurance company If gave me 0 SEK for this injury. I had an insurance (home insurance). This is also a scandal.

Edit 4 2021-03-26: I had strong death fear when I passed out before this accident with my face. It was some minutes for sure this problem situation. To explain that it was scary with this darkness that wanted me in a way. I passed out 2 times also, after the first passing out I tried to save my life and thats how I got my scar I guess.