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The extermination of polish people with racist slogans

I am a polish person experiencing racist gang-stalking in the polish language (verbal assaults in polish). Now I want to shed light on how racists from Germany mass exterminated polish people. Poland is historically a very multicultural land with poles, armenians, jews and gypsies for example. They, the racist german nazis used of course racist slogans and they were even the very start of everything. It all started with words that were very anti-semitic and years later it was mass-extermination in areas like Poland. Millions of killed. So when I now hear brutal anti-semitic slogans where I live in Sweden. Then I want to work for world peace and good relations!

Poles in Auschwitz / Categories of prisoners / History / Auschwitz-Birkenau

It is good to give Poland reparations for WW2

It is good for Germany to give Poland reparations for WW2. So that many germans don’t need to feel like barbarians but like a people who treat poles pretty equally among the European nations.

Polands political leaders want reparations from Germany by Poland now, link to polish news (you can translate the text on the web for example): Jarosław Kaczyński o reparacjach za II wojnę światową – tvp.info

Structural racism in Sweden

The racism in Sweden can without problem be called structural because of the different elements that it is made up of. To mention a few: 1. The indifference to the suffering that people of armenian descent are having. 2. The rejection of the idea to support the armenian diaspora so that people like myself can live a normal life without being shouted at and verbally attacked.

International Ukrainian racism

Here is proof that in the 1990’s ukrainian racism was in Poland even though Nazi-Germany, their ally, lost World War II: Rozebrano nielegalny pomnik OUN-UPA w Hruszowicach – YouTube

The truth is out and I do not like when people suppress it.

Here is some more although in the polish language: Zbrodnia wołyńska – Portale tematyczne – Instytut Pamięci Narodowej (ipn.gov.pl)

Info MN Gangstalking 2021-10-30

A video from M.N. from 2021-10-30.

Hi, A new video with information about the cruel polish (the language they use) gangstalking that has been ongoing against me since January 2019. I want the world to be more with conservatism and catholic (politics) and I have been thinking about the legacy of people who die prematurely on the Internet. John Horvat II is a conservatic influencer. The man who called himself “Pan Codziennik” (https://www.facebook.com/PanCodziennik/) had a blog that seems to be off the Internet now after his death because of a Corona-virus infection. You can see some info though on “Wayback machine” (https://web.archive.org/web/20210304201537/https://pancodziennik.pl/).

Video also available in the big USA-company Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/640671434

Attacks today too

So I had some dishes that I wanted to dish. Shortly after I started I hear the old polish woman from the windows say: “So do you feel the sperm smell?”. Then from the apartment-door I hear a man say: “So where is your honor?”.

This is ongoing every day probably. I want to say that even though they seemed very xenophobic and were saying that I am a now-deceased criminal massmurderer communist. This most probably just because of some of my DNA that is from Armenia.

I have started to try to build stronger on our Christian heritage now, by distancing myself from Alphabet Inc which is jewish and Microsoft which has pro homosexuality propaganda in their program Skype.

Actually, Lutheranism is very xenophobic also because those Lutheran denominations are actively trying to suppress the southern lineage from the Christian apostles who were in direct contact with God while he walked the Earth. Lutheran denominations are like hijackers of parts of the Catholic church and they are driving people into a more xenophobic faith. So also Lutheran denominations have their part in building up this brutal madness in the world that are the xenophobic/racist diabolical attacks on people because of their DNA.

Nazism must be fought today too

Nazism and polish racism must be fought today too. This is because our Catholic moral is clearly teaching world peace with adherence to many commandments e.t.c.. A racist revolution is bad. Do your part to fight materialistic nazism/racism which is targeting people like me and other people with for example DNA from southern nations.