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Real POLISH Sheepwool Slippers Unboxing and Review

Get real polish sheepwool slippers now: Real Sheepwool Slippers With Rubber Soles | eBay

Also available on Tradera: Tofflor fårskinn storlek 43 | Köp på Tradera (549590935)

And Blocket: Fårskinnstofflor storlek 43 säljes i Stockholms stad | Blocket

Sheepwool slippers handmade by Polands mountainpeople who are called gorale.

These slippers are made of real sheepleather and sheepwool and they keep
the warmth in a good way.

They have durable and good soles made of rubber.

Size: EU 43, US 9, UK 8 (27,5 cm inside).
More sizes on the websites Tradera and Blocket.