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Gangstalking day

So today there have been a strong gangstalking day by the polish speaking woman and a polish speaking man. Ofcourse all this revolution type of behaviour full of hate and disharmony against me, have been painful. I have not been productive and ofcourse I search for answers. Is it so that my armenian ancestry is the reason for the attacks today? Do I have to believe that polish people are racist now? Are they maybe the far-left instead? Who are they? I remember now, while writing that earlier it was racism coming from a polish speaking woman and man and hate. This is not behind a screen, they come to outside the houses I have been in. Ok, so most probably its cocky, full of hate and power, polish speaking racism. I remember when I proudly wore my western-allied (US paratrooper) ww2 style jacket. It was my defiance against northern european racism of force and disharmony. I was born in Sweden and when these very strong in numbers northern europeans here, are behaving like this. Its not nice. It is also a crash, if you can call it that way, of my worldview. I earlier believed that polish people are heroes on the globe (against both nazism and communism). After many hours of tortures today by most probably the same polish speaking racists. I can say to you that racist oppression is what this must be most probably. Its a sick world, now Im thinking about the psychiatric oppression. As if that was not enough.